Why & How

Overall purpose

The finMED main objective is to boost the financing of innovation in green growth sectors through improved delivery of policies and strategies and the introduction of innovative cluster services in the MED area.

The project delivers concrete outputs and results in three fields:

1- Public policies delivery, by developing and adopting new concepts, principle and practices to finance green growth strategies;

2- Innovation and business environment, by improving interaction and collaboration (at regional and transnational level) among involved stakeholders and bridging the gap among enterprises and financers;

3- Green sectors capacities, by stimulating and actively supporting enterprises and SMEs adaptability to the most impellent financing challenges.

finMED also develops a proper specific position on the future of green sectors innovation financing, supporting the policy debate for 2021-2027 programming period in MED and EU area.

Our expected results

From Studying: Tool for capacity building of public authorities to improve innovation financing for green sectors, Support service to be provided to companies by clusters and business support organisations to support access to finance.

From Testing and Transferring: Testing method and evaluation method of cluster service for supporting access to finance for SMEs, Business2finance meetings format and methodology, Transferring method of the capacity building tool for public authorities.

From Capitalizing: Policy procedures for the delivery of green growth policies in the involved project regions, Policy learning practices for regional stakeholders’ involvement and commitments, Constitution of a network to sustain finMED identity and long term-vision on the future of innovation for green growth strategies in EU policy and next programming period.