finMED at the first event on the Bioeconomy in Greece

The Greek Bioeconomy Forum held its first event on the bioeconomy in Greece in Thessaloniki on May 10 and 11, 2019.

The following topics were addressed: bioeconomy actions in Greece, entrepreneurship in the bioeconomy, postgraduate studies in bioeconomy, opportunities for funding from Greece, BBI JU and the European Union, and Greek policies on bio- and circular economy.

The event also included:

exhibition of bio-based products and technologies

networking session with universities, enterprises and governmental agencies

a special Info Session on the BBI JU 2019 Call for Proposals

workshops of 2 EU projects.

During the event, finMED was presented by CERTH, giving an overview of the projects overall purpose and expected results and thus taking the opportunity to be involved in discussions and consultations.

The results of the event are expected to be highly disseminated and delivered to the highest levels of policy, legislative and executive bodies and agents.

The Greek bioeconomy forum is a platform where individuals interested in bioeconomy and circular economy come together. The forum operates as a think tank and offers individuals and stakeholders the opportunity to meet, share and network among each other. The vision of the forum is to raise awareness about bio-economy & circular economy and promote the advantages and opportunities presented at local, regional and national level, including among other actions the transfer of know-how and experience in the EU and world-wide.