Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (SERDA) at the IPA capitalization event “Made in MED in the Balkans”

The Event organized in Sarajevo on the 13.06.2019

The Event organized in Sarajevo, on the 13.06.2019, was structured around two main important moments: testimonials of partners involved in MED projects with a special mention for best solutions put in place and an exchange of views on real impact of projects in IPA territories.

The event was attended by more than 100 key stakeholders, including representatives of the European Union delegations in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Program Management Authority, the Joint Secretariat, ministries, associations, and municipalities from the IPA countries and from Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain and France. Two roundtable discussions were held on the future of the territorial cooperation program, as well as the transfer of results to the IPA countries.

Topics and outcome

It was an opportunity to gather program participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and exchange experiences in one place, with a special focus on more than 40 program partners from these countries involved in 45 projects out of a total of 91 approved projects in the program MED. As many projects in the final stage have made it possible to summarize the results, and evaluate the actual impact of the programs in the IPA countries. Event enabled the concrete examples to demonstrate the benefit and potential of the change that the EU accession brings with it. Also, this was an opportunity for all interested parties at one table to exchange views on the effects of what has been done so far as the future of territorial cooperation in the region.

Within this framework, SERDA presented it’s MED project portfolio, inter alia the expected outcomes of finMED.