The online European news website “The European News Times” published an article about the finMED Recommendations on January 4th, 2022.

The article focused on the projects aim to increase funding for green innovation and presented the Capacity Building Tool, the Support Service Tool and MASDE Tool.

On November 16th, Éa éco-entreprises organised, through finMED project, a working group on European funds for SMEs.

The Green Growth Community projects EMBRACE, GRASPINNO PLUS and finMED will share their best practices and lessons learnt in the fields of food systems and eco-innovation across the Mediterranean...

finMED Conference “Financial scenarios & overcoming challenges for sustainable entrepreneurial growth”, in Valencia, Spain, 28 & 29 October 2021

On June 17th and July 01st 2021 two finMED capitalisation events were held in Piemonte Region to present the project

finMED project partner Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency will participate in the webinar “Let’s get concrete about Green Growth and Circular Economy in the Balkans!” on June 3rd, organised...

Environment Park led the 3rd collaborative training of the SMARTENERGY project on May 21st, where the University of Torino – Department of Management presented the finMED Support Service tool.

inMED project will participate in the Experience-sharing webinar, represented by Mr. Giancarlo Puddu

Éa éco-entreprises will participate in the online Infoday of Horizon Europe